Where's the Innovation?

A start-up is not just a smaller version of large company. Actually, a start-up is a lean team looking to prove a simple hypothesis, and pivot to find a new one if need be. This doesn't mean you don't need to be organized when you present to us! You still need to clearly articulate your idea. Make sure you read Steve's article in the Harvard Business Review: "Why the lean start-up changes everything" so we speak the same language when you come in. Most of all, make sure you answer our number one question:


Only later stage companies execute a business model. Start-ups look for one.

What's our start-up philosophy?

First, we want to focus on the business model and how fast a team can move ideas to commercialization. We will work proactively with our companies to help them realize this success. Second, we believe Steve Blank, the creator of the "Lean Startup" nailed it. Common wisdom is that a start-up is a company executing it's first business plan. This of course assumes they have a business model to execute. 

We're not scared if you're not.

We love the early stage. Looking for seed funding or start-up capital? We're in to it. While most venture investors these days shy away from seed investing, we thrive on it! Our mission is to cultivate great opportunities Idaho and the Northwest. Our board is stacked with former CEOs, investors and serial entrepreneurs with real exits. No slackers here. We never met a business plan we didn't like (we may just not have invested in it!). Type your paragraph here.